R指定のそば! Restricted buckwheat noodle!

福井県[ふくいけん]坂井市[さかいし]では、そば(= buckwheat)をたくさん育[そだ]てて(= to grow)いるそうです。そこで、そのそばのプロモーションとして、辛味[からみ] (= spicy)大根[だいこん] (= giant white radish)を使[つか]った大人[おとな] の(= for adults)そばを作[つく]ったそうです。朝日新聞[あさひしんぶん]で読[]みました。いろいろあって、いちばん辛[から]いのは、R15!

このブログの名前[なまえ]からわかるように、私[わたし]はそばが大[だい][]き! 大根[だいこん]も大[だい][]きです。食[]べてみたいなぁ。。。
Sakai-city, Fukui-prefecture is famous for growing buckwheat. For its promotion, people in Sakai-city have produced R15 buckwheat noodle dish, which was reported in Asahi Shimbun Newspaper the other day. The dish has a lot of grated giant white radish, called daikon in Japanese, and the spiciness of the radish make the dish really extreme!
As you can guess from the name of this blog, I love soba, buckwheat noodle. I also like radish. I would definitely like to try this R15 noodle dish!!

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