Japanese, Chinese or Korean?


Flowers at Auckland Gallery.jpg

What do you think of these flowers? Do you think this is a Japanese, Chinese or Korean art?

My friends and I went to Auckland Art Gallery the other day. This Flower Chandelier  was exhibited at the gallery’s atrium. This art was created by a Korean artist. I thought this was not Japanese, but not quite sure if it’s Chinese or Korean. My friends did not seem to know the "nationality" of the art either.

We started talking about distinctiveness of Asian cultures; in particular, differences among people’s appearance. I found that I was better than my friends, who are German, to see differences when it comes to Asian people’s nationality. I said to them I normally can tell if people are Japanese, Chinese or Korean from their looks. It is apparently not so easy for them to recognise differences among those Asian people. Isn’t is interesting!

Anyway, this newly renovated art gallery is marvellous. The Flower Chandelier will stay there until September this year. If you have not been to the gallery yet, it is worth visiting! 

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