World first! bread recognition device 世界初!パン読み取り装置

日本[にほん]のパン屋[]で、面白[おもしろ]い機械[きかい] (= machine)が世界[せかい]で初めて[はじ] (= first in the world)導入[どうにゅう]されました(= introduced)

A Japanese bakery in Tokyo uses a very interesting machine now – this is the world first!

これは「パン画像[がぞう]識別[しきべつ]装置[そうち] (this literally means “bread picture recognition device”)」と言[]います。ふつうのスーパーなどのレジでは、バーコードを機械[きかい]が読[]み取[]ります(= to read; to recognise)よね。このパン屋の機械[きかい]では、バーコードと同[おな]じように、パンをガラスのところに置[]くと、パンの形[かたち] (= shape)や大[おお]きさ(= size)で機械[きかい]がどのパンか認識[にんしき]し(= to recognise)、値段[ねだん] (= price)がインプットされるのです。


このパン屋[]は東京[とうきょう]の駅[えき]の中[なか]にあります。お客[きゃく]さんは電車[でんしゃ]に乗[]る前[まえ]だったり、電車[でんしゃ]から降[]りてどこかへ行[]く途中[とちゅう] (= on the way to)だったり、みんなとても忙[いそが]しいです。はやく値段[ねだん]のチェックをして、お客[きゃく]さんがあまり時間[じかん]を使[つか]わなくて済[]むように、この機械[きかい]が導入されたそうです。




So what is it? The machine is literally “bread-picture-recognition-device”. Think of a checkout at any supermarket. The checkout teller puts products which you chose to buy onto a glass in front of her/him to read the barcode. This is the process of input of the price. The new device introduced in this bakery can handle this price-checking process  without barcode; the machine recognises the product (which is bread) by its shape and size and the price is input there!

This bakery is located in a busy station in Tokyo. Customers come to this bakery just before getting on train or on the way to get somewhere after getting off a train. For such busy customers, the company has introduced the machine to reduce the time for price-checking process.   

I read this news on this page of Asahi Shimbun Newspaper. You can read this news in the website of this bakery (named Donq, what does this mean, does anybody know, by the way?)

What a neat machine, don’t you think!?

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