Oyatsu talk + demo!


I wrote about Japanese cooking demo and talk presented at Waikato University. I will put more info about this exciting event!

Event: Japanese Cooking Demonstration
Date: Wednesday 27 February 2013
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: S.1.01

Chikako TADA, an ex-newspaper journalist turned food writer, will take you on a trip around the world during her free presentation and cooking demonstration. Chikako has visited New York, Paris, Beijing and Bhutan – eight countries in total with her one year old son and met many wonderful people who have shared their food and even special family recipes with her. Chikako is a ‘sweets specialist’ or an expert of ‘oyatsu’ (a Japanese word meaning "sweets and snacks"). During her talk she will be demonstrating how to make a Japanese old-fashioned steam cake with black sesame seeds called "Gan-zuki." While traveling across the world, Chikako contributed to magazines, delivered seminars and published several books. The latest book, published in January 2013, is entitled "Sekai no Oyatsu Tabi" (meaning: Traveling around the world for sweets and snacks). Come along and enjoy this free seminar – whether you’re interested in cooking, food writing, travelling or the Japanese culture, you will enjoy what Chikako Tada has to offer.

Contact: kylien@waikato.ac.nz



Please access here if you want to read about Ms Tada in English!


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