Free Japanese film showing – March 2013 “Pom Poko”

入場[にゅうじょう]無料[むりょう](= free admission)、英語[えいご]の字幕[じまく](= subtitles)つきです。是非[ぜひ][き]てください!

As usual, it is free admission and with English sub-titles. Please come along.


Pom Poko 『平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ』

Thursday 14 March 19:00 at L3, University of Waikato

Director : Isao Takahata
Studio Ghibli Animation

From the creators of the Academy Award winning film “Spirited Away”


Tanuki are little raccoon-like creatures that appear in classical Japanese literature and possess legendary powers, such as the ability to transform themselves into statues or other beings.

‘Pom Poko’ presents a new Tanuki legend, telling of their attempts to stop humans over-developing their forest home in Tama Hills. Celebrating the history of Japanese storytelling, this film pays homage to many old tales and adopts a traditional style of music throughout.

In depicting the desperate and at time tragic plight of the lovable Tanuki, as their forest home is literally paved over and new housing built, director Isao Takahata offers a reminder of what is at stake as a result of over-crowding in present-day Japan.

Presented by The Consulate- General of Japan , The University of Waikato, The Japan Foundation

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