Internatinal Food FASS’tival 2013 3

DSC00573 Food FASStival 2013 resized for web 4.jpg

Doesn’t this look yummy? This is a marinated veges and raw fish with coconut milk, which is Pacific cuisine. We are very international!

I ate this at the 2013 International Food Fass’tival. It was indeed very delicious!

おいしそうでしょう? これは、ココナツミルクで野菜[やさい]と生[なま]の(= raw)魚[さかな]をあえた(= mixed)ものです。パシフィック料理[りょうり]です。International Food Fass’tival で食[た]べました。とてもおいしかったです!

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  • Dear Nishimura San,
    I’m a postgraduate student from China and I will enrol in this July, my major is Human resources in Waikato Management School.
    I’m very happy to see this Japanese blog for I’m quite interest in Japanese culture and language. I studied Japanese by myself and can write and speak fluently.

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