Free Japanese film showing – June 2013 “Twilight Samurai”


入場料[にゅうじょうりょう](= admission)は無料[むりょう](= free)です!!

“Twilight Sumurai” 『たそがれ清兵衛』

Date: Thursday 13 June 2013
Time: 7pm

Venue: L3

Contact: Diane Kenning at School of Arts ( or 838 4932)



Free Admission
English sub-titles



Director: Yoji Yamada | 2002 | 129 min | M

Cast: Hiroyuki Sanada, Rie Miyazawa, Min Tanaka


A reluctant samurai must make a choice between his honor and his heart.

Set in feudal Japan, Seibei is a low ranking Samurai and a widower, with two young daughters and an aging mother to support. One day, he encounters Tomoe, a childhood friend and beautiful divorcee and the two quickly strike up a friendship. Fearing he is too poor to make an offer of marriage to Tomoe, the humble Seibei accepts an order to kill a troublesome samurai and win back his wealth and honor- not knowing that Tomoe has made plans to marry another..

THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI is director Yoji Yamada’s 77th feature film in his 40 plus years as a director. Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2004 Academy Awards. THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI is destined to become a classic of the Asian Cinema genre.


Presented by The Consulate-General of Japan, The University of Waikato and The Japan Foundation.


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