Taiko performance! in Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2014 2

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Taioreore: The Creation Story すばらしかったです。

ハミルトン公園[こうえん]でのコンサートは、あと今晩[こんばん]だけですが、ワイカト大学[だいがく]でもパフォーマンスを見[み]ることができます。学生[がくせい]のみなさんのチケットは5ドルです! コンサートの会場[かいじょう]でチケットを買[か]うことができます。


I went to Taioreore held in Hamilton Gardens last night; I really enjoyed it! There is only one more concert left in Hamilton Gardens which will take place tonight. But they will also perform at the University of Waikato as well (see below). You can buy tickets on the site (student ticket: just five dollars!!)

Hope you will have a chance to see them!

The concert schedule:

  1. 8PM 27 Feb at the Hamilton Gardens Lakeside Stage
  2. 8PM 28 Feb at Diggers (Hamilton CBD)
  3. 7PM 1 Mar at the Academy of Performing Arts, Waikato University
  4. 7PM 7 Mar at the Academy of Performing Arts, Waikato University

1 and 3 are a joint performance with a Kapa haka group, Kapa Kuru Pounamu.

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