Anothe recipient of the Pritzker Prize! プリツカー賞受賞!

DSC01554 Shigeru Ban 27 Mar 2014.jpg

日本人[にほんじん]建築家[けんちくか](= architect)坂茂[ばんしげる][]が今年[ことし]のプリツカー賞[しょう] (= the Pritzker Prize)を受賞[じゅしょう]しました。

ニュージーランドでは、クライストチャーチの聖堂[せいどう] (= cathedral)を設計[せっけい]した(= designed)ことで有名[ゆうめい]です。下[した]の写真[しゃしん]がそうです(NZ Heraldの写真[しゃしん]です)。日本[にほん]でも、東日本[ひがしにほん]大震災[だいしんさい] (= The Great East Japan Earthquake)の復興[ふっこう]事業[じぎょう] (= recovery effort)に関[かか]わっています。昨日[きのう]は、3年前、被害[ひがい]を受[]けた宮城県[みやぎけん]女川町[めかわちょう]の駅[えき]の建築[けんちく] (= construction)が始[はじ]まる日[]でした。この駅[えき]も坂[ばん][]が設計[せっけい]しています。


Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect, is the recipient of the 2014 Pritzker Prize. This prize is one of the most internationally renowned prestigious prizes and often called the Novel Prize for architects. Mr Ban designed the transitional Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand (see the photo below; that shows an article from Today's NZ Herald). This wonderful news came in simultaneously with the start of the re-construction project of Mekawa train station, at Miyagi Prefecture, which was designed by Mr Ban. Miyagi Prefecture is, as you might know, one of the worst affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake three years ago.

You can read this wonderful news here in Japanese and here, here and here in English.DSC01556 Shigeru Ban 27 Mar 2014.jpg

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