Sumo 相撲

Basho from Listener 2014.jpg


Have you seen sumo?

[うえ]の写真[しゃしん]は、2週間[しゅうかん]くらい前[まえ]の『リスナー』という雑誌[ざっし]です。日本[にほん]に行[い]って相撲[すもう](= Sumo wrestling)を見[み]たレポートがあります。とても面白[おもしろ]いです。

[わたし]は相撲[すもう]をじかに(= on the site (in this context))見[み]たことはありません。でも、テレビで何回[なんかい]も見[み]ています。相撲[すもう]は日本[にほん]の文化[ぶんか]の1つです。

The above photo shows some pages from Listener, a New Zealand current affair magazine; the issue was published about a couple of weeks ago and offered a report from somebody who went to Japan and watched a Sumo tournament.

I have never visited the venue of Sumo tournaments but watched matches so so so many times on TV. Sumo is indeed part of our culture. 


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