Too much salt!

厚生労働省[こうせいろうどうしょう](= Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)の調査[ちょうさ] (= investigation)によると、日本人[にほんじん]は1日平均[へいきん] (= average)13gの塩分[えんぶん] (= salt)をとっているそうです。朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]で読[]みました。

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare presented the findings of their investigation on salt-intake of Japanese people. I read about this in Asahi Shimbun Newspaper today.

世界保健機関[せかいほけんきかん] (= WHO)は、1日の塩分[えんぶん]5g未満[みまん] (= less than)を推奨[すいしょう]しています(= to recommend)。日本人[にほんじん]はとりすぎ!! 来年[らいねん]から、厚生労働省[こうせいろうどうしょう]は、日本人[にほんじん]男性[だんせい]は8g未満[みまん]、日本人[にほんじん]女性[じょせい]は7g未満[みまん]にするように推奨[すいしょう]するそうです。


The investigation has found that Japanese people took 13g of salt per day on average, which is too much! World Health Organisation actually recommends just 5g or less per day! The Japanese ministry will aim to reduce people’s intake of salt to 8 g or less for men and 7g or less for women in 2015.

People think Washoku, Japanese food, is healthy – this is correct in terms of fat consumption. Washoku also uses so many seasonal veges, which is good too. At the same time, Japanese cuisine requires soy sauce and/or miso paste, which contain a lot of salt…

Japanese people need to put an effort to reduce salt for their own health!!!

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