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We will show a film titled "Hachiko" this Thursday. Do you know anything about Hachiko?

ハチ公[こう]は犬です。何十年も前に死[し]にました。日本人はみんなハチ公を知っています。それは、東京[とうきょう]の渋谷[しぶや][えき]の前にハチ公の像[ぞう](= statue)があるからです。でも多くの人は、どうしてこの犬がそんなに有名[ゆうめい]なのか知りません。

とにかく。上のYouTubeにあるように、今また、新しいハチ公の像ができました。東京[とうきょう]大学[だいがく]にあります。これは犬だけでなく、ハチ公の飼[か]い主[ぬし](= owner)の上野[うえの]先生[せんせい]も一緒[いっしょ]です。ハチ公と上野先生の物語[ものがたり](= story)はとても美[うつく]しいのです。どんな物語[ものがたり]かって?-知りたい人は、木曜日[もくようび]にワイカト大学に来て、映画[えいが]を見てください!!

Hachiko is the name of a dog which died decades ago. He is still so famous; people often know about this dog without knowing why he is so famous. So why so famouse? – if you have been to Shibuya, Tokyo before, you know why… Shibuya Station, Tokyo, has a statue of this dog.

Anyway, now as you see in the YouTube above, we have another statue of Hachiko. This time, it is Hachiko and Professor Ueno, his owner. This new statue is located in Tokyo University. Their strong bond was so beautiful. If you want to know more about them, you should come to watch the film this Thursday with us!

All Welcome!!

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