Which house chore do women most want to avoid…

女性[じょせい]がいちばん嫌[いや]な家事[かじ](= house chore)、何[なん]でしょうか?

Which house chore do women most want to avoid; do you have any idea?

今月[こんげつ]、オリコンモニターリサーチという機関[きかん](= organization)が調査[ちょうさ](= survey)をしました。その結果[けっか](= result)、一番[いちばん]やりたくない家事[かじ]は掃除[そうじ]! 60%が掃除[そうじ’]、と答[こた]えました。もっと詳[くわ]しい(= detailed)結果[けっか]が知[し]りたい人[ひと]は、朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]このページを見[み]てください。


An organization named Oricon Monitor Research carried out a survey with 400 women in Japan about their thought on house chores. The researchers found that cleaning was the house chore that women wanted to avoid most. A 60% of the participants said so. Please access to this page in Asahi Shimbun Newspaper if you would like to know more detailed results.

Because of that… perhaps…. cleaning robots have become very popular in Japan nowadays. What is happening in New Zealand, I wonder!?



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