AWF 15 and Murakami!

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AWFに、先週、行きましたか。Did you go to Auckland Writers Festival 2015 last week?

5月13日-17日にオークランド・ライターズ・フェスティバルがありました。。この5日間のフェスティバルの間、なんと60,000人もの人が来たそうです(AWF 15のフェイスブックで読みました)。

AWF 15 was held between 13 – 17 May. According to its FB, more than 60,000 people attended to the event.

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イベント会場[かいじょう]は、完全[かんぜん]に(= absolutely)満席[まんせき](= full)でした。3月に売り出されたチケットはとてもはやく売り切れ(= sold out)になり、多くの人が買えなかったそうです。とにかく、村上さんのお話はとても楽しかったです。また是非[ぜひ]ニュージーランドに来てお話してください!

One of the events many people looked forward to was "an evening with Haruki Murakami".  Murakami and John Freeman, a writer from New York, were on the stage; Freeman asked questions and Murakami answered them.

The venue was absolutely packed at the night; apparently many people missed out the event as the tickets sold out so quickly. Murakami's talk was indeed fun and I enormously enjoyed it! Hopefully he will come back to New Zealand and give another talk in the near future!!


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