Japanese rugby players in NZ!

Probably many people know about Fumiaki Tanaka, the first Japanese player playing in the Super Rugby competition in New Zealand (Tanaka plays for the Highlanders). Did you know about Japanese players playing in Waikato club rugby?

I did not know about the club players until I read an article today. This is a Japanese website reporting all sorts of news related to rugby. And I found that there are indeed Japanese players in the Waikato club rugby (one is in a team named Morrisville Sports and another is in Hamilton Old Boys). If you want to read an article about this in English, Waikato Times reports it here.


2 thoughts on “Japanese rugby players in NZ!”

  • 日本人選手がNZ、それもハミルトンでプレーしてたとは。全然知りませんでした。

  • Fumiko Nishimura says:

    私も最近まで全然知りませんでした! ハイランダーで活躍している日本人選手は有名で、知っていたんですけど。

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