Tama, the famous stationmaster

3451367578_69362ef66b_z たま by Douglas Sprott.jpg(c) Douglas Sprott

和歌山県[わかやまけん]、貴志駅[きしえき]のたま駅長[えきちょう](= stationmaster)を知っていますか。Do you know Tama, the stationmaster at Kishi Station, Wakayama-prefecture?


私は、今朝[けさ]、ラジオのニュースで(はい、ニュージーランドのラジオです)、たま死去[しきょ](= death)のニュースを聞いてびっくりしました。たまは、とても人気[にんき]があったんですね。

Tama, the cat, was appointed as the Stationmaster for Kishi Station, Wakayama prefecture a few years ago. Yes, Tama was the official master and she had been a very popular stationmaster. But she died a few days ago; she was 16 years old. You can read/watch this news on all sort of media (here, for example).

I heard about this news on the radio; yes, it was reported in the news programme by a New Zealand radio station. She must have been an international star!!

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