Money issues 2 re: The Tokyo Olympics 2020

As you might have heard, the rebuilding plan of the National Stadium Japan has been now thrown away. Prime Minister Abe announced that the government would start anew.

This would be good news as the current plan will cost the nation too much. As I described here before, the latest estimate of the cost was almost double-up from the original budget. And Mr Ando, the chair of the design competition committee of the stadium, made a press conference the other day saying “I would also like to know why the estimate has so much increased” – many people were actually astonished to hear that; If the chair himself has no idea, who else could explain what has been going on!?

I was also surprised to hear by what PM Abe said last night. PM Abe appeared on TV last night and said he was not prepared to mention who was accountable for the saga of the National Stadium Japan (I read about this news here in Asahi Shimbun Newspaper).

We need to get the stadium build by 2020 and this huge mission needs somebody who can responsibly and confidently be in charge of. If we cannot/will not find out exactly what went wrong so far, could we learn any lessons from our past and have a better future!?

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