2 thoughts on “ニュージーランドの雑誌の中の日本3 Japan that appears in a New Zealand magazine3”

  • They look a lttle bit different from those made in Japan.
    Are they broiled or fried?
    They look so delicious, though.

  • Fumiko Nishimura says:

    The difference is the liquid you use to cook the dumplings with. The recipe suggests to use stock rather than water; namely, when you are ready to cook your dumplings, you put a bit of oil in the pan and then pour stock before placing dumplings in the pan. We normally use just water, right? Another difference I noticed is how you place dumplings in the pan. We normally create sort of a ‘jam-packed’ situation in the pan. But the photo in the magazine suggests to place each dumpling apart. It should not make any difference in terms of taste…
    Hopefully many readers of the magazine will make GYOZA! I love GYOZA (I ate it for lunch yesterday)!

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