FREE Japanese film showing in March 2018

We will show another film this week. Please come along.

Admission Free. No booking required. English subtitles.


© 2016 TOHO CO., LTD. Godzilla and the character design are trademarks of Toho Co., Ltd

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 7pm at L3 (The University of Waikato)

Director: Hideaki Anno
Cast:  Hiroki Hasegawa,  Yutaka Takenouchi, Satomi Ishihara
2016 | 119 Mins
Suitable for Mature Audiences

Japan is plunged into chaos upon the appearance of a giant monster.

An unknown accident occurs in Tokyo Bay’s Aqua Line, which causes an emergency cabinet to assemble. All of the sudden, a giant creature immediately appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. This mysterious giant monster is named “Godzilla”.

Presented by Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland, The Japan Foundation and The University of Waikato.

Any inquiry? – Please contact Athena Chambers, School of Arts, 838 4932 or

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