Intriguing sanitizer

Winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere and people there have started worrying flu. One of the effective prevention methods is to sanitize your hands. Although everybody knows that, it is not easy to do that…

北半球[きたはんきゅう](= the northern hemisphere)では冬[ふゆ]が近づいています。インフルエンザの季節[きせつ](= season)です。インフルエンザの予防[よぼう](= prevention)には手洗[てあら]い(= washing hands)が大切[たいせつ](= important)です。でもわかっていても、なかなか難[むずか]しいです。

Then, a hospital in Osaka, Japan, came up with a brilliant idea. This hand sanitizing device definitely makes you want to sanitize your hands! Do you want to know how it works? – please have a look at this news site; the article is written in Japanese but an inserted motion picture tells you everything you need to know!

そこで大阪[おおさか]にある病院[びょういん]ではすばらしいアイディアを思いつきました。ここでは、みんな手の消毒[しょうどく](= sanitizing)をしたくなるんです。どんなアイディアか知りたいですかーこのNHKのサイトを見てみてください!

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