Cat called cat

I read news about a cat on New Zealand Herald this week. Why do I want to mention this news here, would you ask? – the answer is… the cat is named neko; neko means ‘cat’ in Japanese. Yes, this word ‘neko’ is a Japanese word! Isn’t it interesting (=^・・^=)?


If you are interested in the news, you can read it here (it is titled ‘Pāpāmoa cat burglar Neko steals 50 shoes, prefers left feet’):

このニュースはここで読めます (このニュースの見[み][だ]し(= headline)は「パパモアの盗人[ぬすっと](= burglar)NEKO、50足[そく][ぬす]む(= to steal)、左[ひだり][あし](= left feet)がお好[この]み(= prefer)」です) :

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