Japan Day 2019 3

Apparently, around 45,000 people visited Japan Day 2019 last weekend. It was indeed so so so crowded!

先週[せんしゅう](= last week)のJapan Day 2019 には、45,000人が訪[おとず]れた(= visited)そうです。確[たし]かに(= indeed)、本当に混[こ]んでいました(= was crowded)!

There were quite a few food stalls there. I did not eat much as there were so many people and long queues there… However, I managed to have takoyaki (tako means octopus and yaki means to grill; this food is a sort of wheat-flour dumpling with a piece of octopus in it as you can see in the above photo). Although this is called takoyaki, the plate I ordered had three types: octopus, crab and prawn-takoyaki. It was delicious!

いろいろ食べてみたいものがありましたが、人が多くて、列[れつ](= queue)が長くて、あまり食べませんでした。食べたのは、たこ焼[や]きです! たこ焼き、と言っても、たこ(= octopus)が入ったのと、エビ(= prawn)が入ったのと、カニ(= crab)が入ったたこ焼きでした。おいしかったです!!

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