Shukubo, staying at a Buddhist temple

Thanks to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, so much information about Japan appears everywhere now. I found an article on the New Zealand Herald about Shukubo. Shukubo or 宿坊 is accommodation provided in a Buddhist temple. ラグビーワールドカップのおかげで、日本のついての情報[じょうほう](= information)がとてもたくさん出ています。最近[さいきん](= recently)、ニュージーランド・ヘラルド紙[し]に宿坊[しゅくぼう]についての記事[きじ](= article)がありました。宿坊は、お寺の中の宿泊[しゅくはく]施設[しせつ](= accommodation facility)です。

The article is an interesting read; perhaps it would make you start considering this as part of your next trip to Japan!


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