Japan has lately experienced heavy snow fall; particularly in the northern areas; many vehicles were stuck on snowy roads in the Hokuriku area. Hopefully, the situation will improve soon.

It is summer in New Zealand and has been quite warm. The photo shows a plant called ‘Kyochikuto‘ in Japanese (I do not know what it is called in English…). This really reminds me of summer in Japan as we have this in Japan (but in August!) too.

日本は、北[きた]の方[ほう]で雪[ゆき](= snow)がとてもたくさん降[ふ]っています。北陸[ほくりく]地方[ちほう](= region; area)で多くの車が動[うご]けなくなったそうです。早く状況[じょうきょう](= situation)が回復[かいふく]する(= recover; improve)ことを祈[いの]っています。ニュージーランドは夏[なつ](= summer)です。毎日暑[あつ]いです。写真[しゃしん](= photo)の花は、日本語で夾竹桃[きょうちくとう]と言います。日本でも夏に咲[さ]いています。

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