When you are busy… 忙しい時は…

What would you do when you are busy/tired and cannot be bothered to prepare a meal? If you are in New Zealand, probably… fish and chips? Chinese takeaways? If you are in Japan, ‘konbini no obento’ would be definitely one of your options!


‘Konbini’ is an abbreviation for convenience stores in Japanese. ‘Konbini’ is an essential part of Japanese people’s lives and it has even emoji –>🏪 !! I do not remember where I bought this obento (= boxed meal) but I believe you could possibly buy something similar to this in ‘konbini’ in Japan.

「コンビニ」ということばは、コンビニエンス・ストアを短くしたことばです。コンビニは、日本の人の生活に欠かせないものです。コンビニの絵文字もあります→🏪 写真のお弁当をどこで買ったか覚えていませんが、日本のコンビニでこのようなお弁当が買えると思います。

I was searching in my photo archive today and bump into the above photo. It looks delicious and it instantly made me hungry!