Wonderful Kyuushoku!

I happened to find an article mentioning the Japanese school lunch programme on the Radio New Zealand website (see below)


This article shows a few photos of yummy looking Japanese 給食 (school lunch).

An interesting part of 給食 is, I think, that school kids are involved in its preparation. All food is prepared by adult cooks and the food is plated by kids! Kids normally go to grab big pots/bowls of food, plates and cutleries, took them to their own classroom and serve the food by themselves (with their teachers’ help). They have a roster system and kids share the 給食 responsibility among them. I took part of it when I was at school. I believe it is still the case now in Japan.

Some lucky kids have an opportunity to taste their local delicacy sometimes. I remember that I read a Japanese newspaper article a while ago reporting that school kids in a costal town ate crayfish in their 給食 donated by the local fisherman 🦐!