Hazel Burroughs

I’m Hazel, but my friends call me Haze. I’m 22, and I’m in my last year of my Bachelor of Design, exciting stuff. I grew up right here in Hillcrest, Hamilton. I love all things creative, you’ll often find me and my fringe hanging out around boutique art galleries and op shops. I live for a good cup of peppermint tea and I’ll do just about anything for a cheeky jar of gherkins. Apart from being an art weirdo, I play hockey in the Varsity Premier team with a bunch of awesome chicks. My Sunday nights usually consist of hot tea, slow music, incense and my oh so precious poetry journal. I’m an extrovert through and through, I like to think I’m super funny, spicy food really gets me going and I really enjoy socialising with pals.
Sunset is the best time of day, I’m a dog person and late night roadies with friends feed my soul.