Tayla Alexander

I’m Tayla, a first year performing arts student majoring in voice. I live for my family and friends, and my gal pals are my life. I can’t go a day without coffee and I live for good food – although my friends often have to tell me, “DON’T EAT GLUTEN TAYLA.” I love plants and have one in my dorm called Steve – she’s pretty great. I love poetry books, healing stones and the Cooking Channel. I have watched every episode of Nigella twice through, and for that reason I simply cannot deny myself a midnight snack. My mum once described me perfectly as a “socially anxious extrovert”. I can step on stage and perform to thousands and spend weeks at a time with friends, and yet love nothing more than a book and a good cup of tea. I try to fit a lot into my life and I often have conflicting choices but I’m grateful for many opportunities that keep coming my way… more on my life in my vlogs.