I hate maths…

I’ve spent most of the morning grappling with a bit of troublesome mathematics.  I can tell that I’ve had enough, because I’m starting to see greek letters tango with roman ones across the computer screen before raising themselves to inappropriate powers and differentiate themselves into oblivion, and graphs of noisy data that are beginning to look suspiciously like Mt Pirongia…I think a change of topic is called for for the afternoon.

pirongia_change.jpgFortunately, there is our first Cafe Scientifique of the year tonight, in which my university colleague Adrian Pittari will be talking about pyroclastic flows from some of the world’s more exciting volcanic eruptions (well, exciting if you viewed them from an appropriate distance). Should keep my mind off the maths for a while.

 (P.S. The pink line is not REAL data – I made it up to give me something relatively mindless to do over lunchtime)

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