The Perth climate

A quick glance at some climate statistics will tell you that Perth in February is hot, sunny and dry. The mean maximum temperature is 31.7 C for Perth city, with a mean of  7 days going above 35 Celsius, and 1 day going above 40  Celsius.

February rainfall is impressive, by its absence.  The mean rainfall for February is listed as 8.5 mm.  That rates as not very much at all. On average, just 1 day gets above 1 mm of rain, and 0.3 days (perhaps one February day every 3 years) will get more than 10 mm.

So, here is the weather forecast for the next six days, from


Spot the wonderfully high maximum temperature for today. It doesn't look like going above 31.7 Celsius anytime soon.

The person I'm sharing an office with here has told me about an interesting local phenomenon that gives some indication of rain on the way: The river turns brown. Apparantly, in local culture anyway,  it's a sure-fire predictor of rain the next day. He wasn't sure what the explanation is, but possibly its the wind churning up the water.

Incidentally, Perth in winter is just as wet as Hamilton in winter.  But it is rather warmer!




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