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I’ve been blogging for 2 years now & following other people’s blogs for rather longer than that. But I’ve only ever been aware of a few other NZ science bloggers; there’s so much material out there that unless you go looking for something specific, an individual blog can get lost in all the ‘noise’. But this is set to change next week, thanks to the Science Media Centre:

From the keyboards of scientists

Are scientists blogging in New Zealand? They sure are – but it is relatively tricky to find them.

That will change on September 30 when the Science Media Centre launches, a blogging network bringing together some of the best science blogs in the country and launching a good few new ones.

Sciblogs will kick off with 25 bloggers from universities, CRIs and private research institutions covering everything from healthcare to climate change. Our bloggers know their stuff – they have two dozen PhDs between them and they aren’t afraid to tackle the big science-related issues affecting society.

Sciblogs will become an on-line hub for discussion of scientific topics and will grow to include other bloggers. if you would like to enquire about hosting a science blog on Sciblogs, contact the SMC.

Sciblogs will be live on Wednesday September 30 and you will be able to keep tabs on our Scibloggers via RSS, email updates and by following Sciblogs on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to this with considerable excitement – it has the potential to raise the profile of science blogging in this country & make a whole lot of good writing much more widely available.

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