the moo woo train has left the station

This image popped up again on FB the other day. It was originally posted, with the comments I've pasted below, on a page run by/for someone called 'Dr Sebi'. I do not recommend asking his advice. After all, I'm doubtful that someone who could say something like this, in advising people what not to eat

Cauliflower – It is worse than broccoli. It will rob you of your minerals. It has no carbon.

has a particularly good grasp on biology, chemistry, nutrition – or science, really. And in case you were wondering, here's the advice around brocolli: 

Broccoli – Being that broccoli is hybrid, unnatural, incomplete molecular structure, it should not be consumed by humans. It’s an acid based vegetable. It has no nutritional value and is worse than okra and spinach.

This is what followed the image; sadly, it does not seem to be a poe 🙁 There do appear to be people out there who believe this nonsense. 

Cow is a hybrid between a Yak and Buffalo. Meaning they mated a Yak and Buffalo and out comes a hybrid that we know of as a cow.

No. Not even close. Those interested in the origins of domestic cattle will find a wealth of information on the Berkeley evolution page, but basically they're derived from aurochs via a number of independent domestication events. (Interestingly, it appears that a breeding program has led to the production of animals that more closely resemble what we know of aurochs than they do modern cows, with some of those animals released into the wild in several European countries.)

If God made it, the milk would be on the alkaline side of 7 or higher. The pH of cow milk is between 5.5 and 6.0 while the buffalo's and yak's milk has a pH of 9.

Now, how on earth would they know what a designer intended? But wait – the focus on an alkaline food makes it fairly clear (as does a perusal of some of 'Dr' Sebi's claims) that this is aimed at people who buy into the nonsense that is the alkaline diet. It is also aimed at people who don't understand what pH really means – and who presumably do no fact-checking of their own. For cow's milk is slightly acidic, with a pH of around 6.7,  while human milk varies between 7 & 7.4, depending on the stage of lactation. (Perhaps 'Dr' Sebi's adherents should oppose breast-feeding too?) The pH of yak milk is around 6.4, and while I couldn't find any data on buffalo milk there's no reason to expect it to be much different. 

What do you have in milk? penicillin, puss, blood, and steroids. Milk is heated up over 212°F because you don't want bacteria in it (they take the cow and hook it up to a machine to milk the cow, but the machine doesn't know when the cow is done and it keeps pumping and puss and blood gets into it). So now you have white plastic puss and blood in your body.

I'm not sure whether their concerns around penicillin relate to human ingestion via milk, or to the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria found in farm animals that can then be passed on to human pathogens. But anyway, in NZ and many other countries there are very strict guidelines about the use of antibiotics, and their presence in milk can lead to farmers being penalised and the rejection of an entire tank of milk. For this reason, milk from animals suffering from mastitis and which are being treated with antibiotics, must be handled separately and can't be sold for human consumption.

Milk doesn't have 'pus' in it1 but it may contain a certain level of 'somatic cells'. These may include damaged cells from the udder but are mainly white blood cells, which increase in number if the cow is suffering from an infection. (In fact, somatic cells counts and bacterial2 cell counts are two indicators of milk quality. They are not inherently a bad thing, and I can only assume that our writer gets most of his information from sites such as and, both of which push the idea of pus and blood in milk quite stridently. (I am not going to link as they don't deserve the traffic.)

Cows milk is made for the bulk of the calf sooo immediately humans are gonna get bigger from that because we're drinking something that's molecular structure is so large. This is why we don't promote cows milk or any other animals milk in this group. Homemade hemp, coconut, brazil nut, and walnut milk are all ok to use.

So, humans get bigger (fatter?) because the molecules in cows' milk are bigger than those in alternative fluids? Bwahahahaha. No, seriously, this is just fantasy. While the molecular weight of caseins found in milk varies from 19 to 24 kiloDaltons, the main protein in almond milk comes in at around 63 kDa, while in coconut milk the molecular weights can get up to 52 kDa

And finally, there's the claim on the poster itself that casein is 'toxic' and causes a range of serious ailments. Unfortunately for this claim, caseins are found in human milk too. Again, this is a claim shared by mercola and naturalnews; its origins are unclear but it may go back to the book discussed here. The discussion is interesting and provides links to the scientific literature, which show that humans can digest caseins and also that the study supposedly demonstrating toxicity used doses way way waaaaay above what one might even remotely approach in real life. Plus, you do have to wonder how the Masai have survived so long.

1 As for the white plastic and puss, I have no idea. Naughty kitty!

2 And this is why we have pasteurisation.




5 thoughts on “the moo woo train has left the station”

  • Yeah. Feeding instructions needed.
    On one hand hilarious anyone thinks anything living might lack carbon, bit also a sad.
    That Facebook page is a fan page for “Dr.” Sebi, who proves to be a herbalist who claims he has “never attended school, not even kindergarten.”
    There are a *few* gifted self-taught people, but not-a-doctor Sebi is not one of them.

  • herr doktor bimler says:

    incomplete molecular structure
    This sounds like something from a bad Star Trek pastiche. I am hearing it in the voice of someone imitating Dr McCoy.

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