another antivax myth (ingestion vs injection)

There’s an oft-repeated claim by the more strident antivaxxers that ingesting and injecting are two different things when it comes to subsantces like aluminium. This betrays a disturbing lack of knowledge of biology and physiology (especially from those who boast of ‘having done their research’), but they repeat it nonetheless. (Red’s self-belief is mildly amusing.)

The aluminium present in vaccines (as an adjuvant; see later) enters the interstitial fluid (the fluid that bathes all cells) & eventually the bloodstream. However, what Red is completely unwilling to accept, despite a large amount of evidence to the contrary, is that the same thing happens to aluminium contained in food and drink. I did try.

There’s been quite a lot of research on this, as it happens (& as another commenter, Paul, pointed out at length. For his pains he was blocked by another antivaxxer; as she’d started that particular thread, her action made it invisible to Paul. I guess she just couldn’t stand being presented with material that consistently refuted her stance, but it does say something – actually, it says a lot! – about her willingness to consider all available evidence.) Both food and drink contain low levels of aluminium, as does the air we breathe (allbeit in tiny amounts). This is partly the result of aluminium being so plentiful, and widely distributed, in the earth’s crust, and partly because it’s added to a range of foodstuffs. It’s also released into the air by coal-fired power plants. The CDC states that in the US, an average adult daily intake is 7-9mg of aluminium – but the great majority of that is rapidly elininated in faeces and urine, and perhaps also across the skin. So, if Red wants to completely avoid her children avoiding ingestion of aluminium, she’ll have to put them on a very restricted diet.

Of course, to leave via urine the aluminium must first enter the bloodstream. It crosses the gut wall by moving either through cells (‘transcellular’) or between them (‘paracellular’), and thence across capillary walls into the blood. At which point, that ingested Al is in exactly the same place as the injected Al – which as this author makes clear, is “dissolved in the interstitial fluid, absorbed into the blood, distributed to tissues, and eliminated in the urine” – only there’s much more from the ingestion route, compared to injection.

And then it mostly leaves the body, rather rapidly. For injected aluminium, the great majority is eliminated from the body within just a few days post-injection. However, all this is something that Red & her associates are completely unwilling to accept.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my $hill-bucks to arrive…

Actually, I’m also still waiting for a citation to support the claim that “vaccinated kids have so much brain damage”. I guess that’ll be a while in coming.

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  • herr doktor bimler says:

    “$hill-bucks”? I believe you are paid in pre-decimal currency, that’s why the activity is called “shilling”.

  • Perhaps the difference is in the speed at which the aluminum enters the bloodstream and then crosses the blood brain barrier at a rapid rate due to the decreased blood brain barrier protection at and immediately after the injection. The BBB decreases when a person is in pain, has a fever, or has high blood pressure, all of which are considered to be typical responses to a vaccination. While the levels of aluminum in foods and vaccinations are rationalized, the truth still stands that there is really no safe level of heavy metals in the human body. This is particularly true as it has the potential to be “fast tracked” across the BBB at the time of injection.

    • “This is particularly true as it has the potential to be “fast tracked” across the BBB at the time of injection.”

      Except that it doesn’t. Vaccines are administered into the muscle, not the bloodstream. In addition, the aluminium salt (not elemental aluminium) used as an adjuvant) used in some vaccines acts in part to retain the vaccine materials in the muscle long enough to attract the attention of immune cells and initiate the development of an immunological response. The aluminium salts enter the bloodstream only very slowly & in fact after a month almost all the original amount remains at the injection site.

      There’s a detailed explanation of why your claims about aluminium crossing the BBB are wrong here (written by a scientist who has specialised in understanding how the BBB works):

      “the truth still stands that there is really no safe level of heavy metals in the human body.”
      Apart from the fact that it’s a bit of a stretch to describe Al as a heavy metal (yes, I know that some sources do), you should remember that our entire evolutionary history, from the Last Universal Common Ancestor, has been spent in an environment where aluminium compounds are present. Presumably our ability to clear Al from our tissues is the result of that selection pressure.

  • Can you provide studies that show the aluminum and other ingredients leaving the muscle tissue slowly and that the majority remains at the injection site please? Also after a month its still at the injection site? When does it ever leave? Please provide creditable souces. Thank you!

    • You’re saying that a blog post by a blood-brain-barrier scientist, who provides hotlinks to references supporting their statements, isn’t “creditable”?

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