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This one’s for anyone with an interest in chemistry – the Prized Science video series, which aims to look at the significance of chemistry in our lives. My colleague Merilyn Manley-Harris alerted me to this site, & the information she sent through to me follows below. So far there’s just the first video of the series up on the site, but it alone is well worth the visit 🙂

Did life on Mars become life on Earth? What technology worked invisibly behind the headlines to make the Human Genome Project possible? How did wisps of material barely 1/50,000th the width if a human hair become forerunners of a new genre of medicines?

Those topics highlight the premier episode of a ACS new video series, Prized Science:  How the Science Behind ACS Awards Impacts Your Life. It features 2010 Priestley Medalist Richard N. Zare. Rich with high-definition graphics and animations, and commentary suitable for classroom use and other audiences of students and non-scientists, the videos are available without charge at the Prized Science website, YouTube, iTunes and on DVD.  
ACS encourages educators, schools, museums, science centers, news organizations, and others to embed links to Prized Science on their websites. Additional episodes in the series, which focuses on ACS’ 2010 award recipients, will be issued periodically in the months ahead.
“Estimates suggest that more than 30,000 significant prizes – most for scientific or medical research – are awarded annually,” noted ACS President Joseph S. Francisco, Ph.D. “For many of them, the spotlight of news media publicity rightly focuses on the recipients. Often lost behind the headlines, is an explanation of how the science honored in the award impacts the everyday lives of people throughout the world. That is Prized Science’s goal, to give greater visibility to the science that won the prize. In doing so, Prized Science strives to give people who may have no special scientific knowledge the opportunity to watch, listen, and discover how the chemistry behind ACS’ awards transforms life.”


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