stunning biological images

.. but perhaps not for the squeamish, not over lunch anyway! Grant & I were e-chatting about some of the great science images we’d seen, & I thought of this one: via PZ comes some stunning imagery of a python digesting a rat. Here’s my favourite from that gallery. (Come to think of it, one of the python actually ingesting the rat would have been rather cool!)

Your turn, Grant 🙂

3 thoughts on “stunning biological images”

  • Saw your post on sciblogs. (There’s no article linked to it for some reason at this point in time, but it’ll come right. I presume.)
    You’re lucky.
    I was going to include that very image in my Friday fare post… 🙂
    It’s an incredible photo, that. Kind-of hard to top… later tonight.
    (Weren’t the photos we were comparing of a, um, lesser standing?)

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