in which we encounter a very strange idea about water

Namely, that water today is becoming harder to absorb because the water molecules are clustered. Yes, really.

That was originally posted on November 2, so we're too late for the special offer as it closed on the 4th (yes, of course something's being sold) but the original website is here and if you're really keen, you can learn more about 'structured water' here.

According to that second site, the discoverer of 'structured water' has concluded that

nature heals water through structuring it. As water passes through rivers and streams on the way to the ocean, the water molecules are repeatedly spun clockwise and counter clockwise. It's nature's way of healing the water and removing the toxins and restoring water to it's [sic] natural high energetic state.

Presumably a washing machine would do much the same thing? Maybe they're selling a bench-top version for one's water supply to go through? (Not exactly.) Actually, since many towns & cities draw their water from rivers, you'd think it would be all nicely healed before we even start.

He also learned about the damage we are doing to water through electromagnetic energy, (caused by electric current, cell phone towers, microwave radiation, etc), chemicals such as floride [sic] and chlorine, and energetic contamination.

Pity we can't do much about the rather significant source of EM radiation up in the sky….

Because many towns and cities reuse and recycle tap water by sending it through chemical filtration, water is becoming harder to absorb and is in fact carrying toxins that can't be filtered out with the current water treatment and filtration systems.

The folks at that website would presumably have conniptions at the mere thought of Singapore, which recycles its wastewater – including sewage – to the tune of 430 million litres a day. (Been there, toured the plant, drank the water.) 

Apparently the 'unhealed'/unstructured (destructured?) water is better at carrying these nameless toxins because its molecules have somehow acquired the wrong shape:

When the hydrogen molecule sits at a 90 degree angle to the oxygen molecule, it can easily transport disease and block the absorptive flow. Structuring water increases the hydrogen angle. That increase reduces molecular clustering, softens the water, and reduces the transportation of harmful particles. 

The angle between the 2 H atoms in a water molecule is 104.45 degrees, and I suspect it will be news to chemists that it's possible to change that angle to any measurable degree and still have the thing we call 'water'. After all, the properties of water – including the fact that it's liquid at the temperatures we normally encounter – are dependent on the molecule's geometry.

Also, do these folks have any idea of the relative size of water molecules and pathogenic organisms?

We even get to homeopathy (sort of):

Scientists have already proven that water absorbs the energetic footpring of where it's been, and that water filtration and treatment plants are not removing that. Water absorbs and takes on the enegies of whatever it is exposed to. 

In which case, we'd all be being dosed, all the time, by pretty much anything that's ever ended up in the water. Including… emotions???

When water is exposed to the energy of anger or hatred it changes the structure of the water itself. These changes can be seen when the water is frozen and examined under a microscope. As water is cycled and recycled in our towns and cities, we are absorbing all of the energies in that water. Structuring water removes the harmful energetic imprinting on water.

I don't know what sort of microscope he's using, but I think I want one!

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