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I had a great time down in Hawkes Bay over the weekend, running a Schol Bio workshop for teachers & students from the local schools. I really enjoy these sessions as I get to catch up with the teachers & to work with some very talented young people, who can be guaranteed to ask me curly questions & keep me on my toes. All good stuff  🙂 (And OK, I enjoy the chance to cruise a couple of vineyards as well! Plus it’s always nice to get back to your roots – I was born in Napier & lived first in Tutira, then Wairoa, & finally Hastings before upping sticks & moving to the Manawatu.)

However, the downside of all this is that the Other Stuff simply doesn’t go away while I’m otherwise engaged 🙁 So right now I’m wading through marking of essays & tests. (The ‘flounder’ effect, anyone?) Which kind of makes it hard to find time to write anything substantial for you, my readers.

And because of this – a big ‘thank you!’ to Mike Stone, for pointing me at The critical thinking toolkit on the University of British Columbia’s website. I can see that I will have to include some of this in the workshop I’m running up in Auckland in a couple of weeks.

Make sure that you scroll down to the great video at the end!

2 thoughts on “another resource about critical thinking”

  • Hello Alison
    I’m Barbara, Marcus’s Mum in law. As a recently retired New Entrant Teacher I’m enjoying continuing my learning journey. Love visiting ‘talking teaching’ and it was your reference to the critical thinking tool kit that has made me want to say thanks. So much for me to reflect on as I think about what is happening in primary schools today. The following link is the PD I was involved in during the last 2 years of my teaching.
    Centre4 – eBest ICT Cluster –

  • Alison Campbell says:

    Hi Barbara – lovely to ‘meet’ you 🙂 And to hear that you read ‘Talking Teaching’!
    I hadn’t come across the eBest ICT project – I can see I’ll have to spend some time there (maybe over the summer)

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