some seasonal fun (with the spice of science)

When I was a kid – & we're talking a looong time ago now! – we had a gorgeous Advent calendar that was designed to look like a renaissance-era painting. At least, that's how I remember it. And there was certainly none of this new-fangled stuff involving chocolate behind the little doors!

But Advent calendars have come a long way since then, & now you can view them on-line. And thus it was that, after an enjoyable sojourn on the animated happiness of the Wellington city version, behold! I came at last to the 2014 Chemistry Advent Calendar. And I found it to be good, and learned about carotoxin (&, by trotting off down one of the internet's distracting sidepaths, about liquorice rot. Which affects carrots, not liquorice). However, unlike the traditonal version, you can't cheat by secretly prying open a 'future' door to see what's concealed within – you'll just have to go back every day 🙂

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