Mr Iwasaki was born 121 years ago


岩崎[いわさき]瀧三[たきぞう]という人を知っていますか。121年前に生まれた人です。Do you know a man named Takizo Iwasaki, who was born 121 years ago?


私は知りませんでした。でも、今日グーグル検索[けんさく(= search)をしようと、グーグルにアクセスすると分かりました( )。

岩崎さんは、食品[しょくひん]サンプルの会社のビジネスを始[はじ]めた人として有名です。食品サンプル、見たことがありますよね? 日本の文化の一部です。岩崎さんは郡上[ぐじょう]八幡[はちまん]の出身[しゅっしん](= coming from)で、今でも郡上八幡では食品サンプルの会社があります。私は数年前、郡上八幡に行きました。その時、写真[しゃしん]を撮[と]りました。本物[ほんもの]の食べ物みたいですよね。でも、これ、全部[ぜんぶ]サンプルです、食べられません。

I did not know about him. When I accessed to the Japanese Google page today (, I found about him.

Mr Iwasaki set up plastic food samples-business in Osaka, Japan in 1930s. He was the pioneer in this industry. Mr Isasaki later established his company at a place called Gujo Hachiman, where he was originally from. You can still find a lot of food samples in Gujo Hachiman now. I visited there a few years ago and had a go with making samples; it was not easy but great fun! I took the above photos then.

All food in the photos looks delicious. But none of them is edible; they are all samples. It's incredible, don't you think?


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