Sweets in winter 冬のおやつ

DSC03716 たい焼き.jpg

今週末(= this weekend)、日本ではすごい寒波[かんぱ](= cold wave)がやってくるそうです。日本にいるみなさん、どうぞお気をつけて。

寒いときには温[あたた]かいおやつがいいですよね。日本らしいおやつ(= sweets; snack)と言えば、何でしょう?

The weather forecast predicts a major cold wave and snowfalls across the country, in Japan, this coming weekend. People in Japan, please do take care of yourself.

When you have such a cold day, it would be nice to have warm sweets. There are a lot of choices you could have, but one of the traditional Japanese sweets is…


なんとロシアの人も好きで、朝日[あさひ]新聞[しんぶん]によると、ロシア人のナスチャさんは、なんとたい焼きが大好きになって、まず( = first)日本語を勉強して、日本に行ってそして、サンクトペテルブルク(= Saint Petersburg)にたい焼きの店をオープンしました! すごい! このニュースはここで読めますよ。

It is Taiyaki (Lit. snapper grilled. But Taiyaki is a sort of cake with sweet beans paste in it; the shape of Taiyaki has to be like snapper!; please see the photo above). I really like Taiyaki and so do many Japanese people. But this is not just for Japanese!

According to Asahi Shimbun Newspaper, a Russian lady, her name is Nascha (sorry, I am not so sure about the spelling of her name…) fell in love with Taiyaki. She, then, started studying Japanese language, went to Japan, and finally opened a Taiyaki shop at Saint Petersburg! She now have two Taiyaki shops! Amazing, ha! You can read this news here.


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