Taiko drumming

Mr Kenji Furutate, the professional taiko drummer, came to the University of Waikato yesterday (20 March 2019) and gave a wonderful performance during its culture hour (which is 1-2pm every Wednesday).

昨日(3月20日)、ワイカト大学のカルチャー・アワーに太鼓[たいこ]奏者[そうしゃ](= taiko drummer)の古立[ふるたて]ケンジさんが来てくださいました。

It was not so long, but we all enjoyed his energetic performance; thanks, Kenji!

[みじか]い間[あいだ](= short time)でしたが、とてもすばらしい太鼓の演奏[えんそう](= performance)でした。ケンジさん、ありがとうございました!

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