Kīngitanga Day 2012 – Wednesday 16 May 2012

今年[ことし]も、ワイカト大学[だいがく]でキンギタンガ・デーの催[もよお]し物[もの] (= event)があります。キンギタンガ・デーについて知[]りたい人[ひと]は、このページにアクセスしてください。そしてこのページにはプログラムの詳細[しょうさい] (= details)があります。


The University of Waikato is gearing up for the fourth Kīngitanga Day – an annual celebration of the relationship between the university and the Kīngitanga. Kīngitanga Day is an opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to celebrate the University’s distinctive identity, heritage and relationships.

What is the Kīngitanga?

In 1858, the Kīngitanga or Māori King Movement was established by the Māori tribes across the motu (land). Its purpose was to put an end to Māori land alienation, to halt inter-tribal warfare and to preserve Mana Māori Motuhake, in effect to unite the people. In 2008 – 2009 the Kīngitanga celebrated its 150th anniversary. (cited from this page).

The programme on Kīngitanga Day can be found here. Please come along!

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