Community Open Day this Saturday (17 May 2014)!!

今週[こんしゅう]の土曜日[どようび]、5月17日にコミュニティーオープンデーがあります。ワイカト大学[だいがく]で、いろいろな楽[たの]しいプログラムがあります。私[わたし]も、簡単[かんたん]日本語[にほんご]コースをします。もちろん、ただです!! 土曜日[どようび]にワイカト大学[だいがく]で会[あ]いましょう~。

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, the University of Waikato will hold Community Open Day on the 17th of May 2014! There are all sorts of exciting talks, concerts and so on. The programme is now available here.

I will give a talk entitled "A taste of Japanese: Language for beginners" at 12 – 12.30pm. If you are curious of Japanese language, please come along; you can learn Japanese greetings and useful expressions. Of course it is free!!

See you on Saturday!!

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