Coffee culture コーヒー文化

Coffee is popular and prevalent in New Zealand as well as Japan. But Japanese coffee culture seems to be slightly different from that of New Zealand.

日本でもニュージーランドでもコーヒーは人気[にんき]があります。でも、日本のコーヒー文化[ぶんか](= culture)とニュージーランドのそれは少[すこ]し(= slightly)違[ちが]う(= different)ようです。

To me, it seems that flatwhite is particularly popular in New Zealand. In Japan, on the other hands, tasty filter coffee served at some sort of distinguished cafes would be well-received (and reasonably priced filter coffee served at franchised cafes is also quite popular!). At home, New Zealand people often use a plunger to make coffee. I do not think Japanese people do so. By the way, the photo above was taken in a cafe in Hamilton. Of course, it’s a cup of flatwhite. Yum!


ニュージーランドの家庭[かてい](= home)では、プランジャー(= plunger)を使[つか]ってコーヒーを入れることがありますが、日本ではプランジャーをあまり使いません。おもしろいですね。ちなみに上の写真は、ハミルトンにあるお店のコーヒーの写真[しゃしん]です。もちろん、フラットホワイトです。おいしいですよ!

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