Everybody is gearing up for RWC!

The above photo shows an ad I saw on newspaper this week. Advertising a trip to Japan itself is nothing special nowadays, but I had never seen an ad of a very specific trip like this on newspaper before. Can you guess why this ad appears now? It is, of course, due to the imminent important event: the 2019 Rugby World Cup! Oita, which is featured in the ad, is one of the cities rugby games will be held. It would be interesting to look around if you are lucky enough to be in Oita then!

上の写真[しゃしん](= photo)は、日本の旅行[りょこう](= trip)の広告[こうこく](= ad)です。日本旅行の広告がニュージーランドの新聞[しんぶん](= newspaper)に出ることは、珍[めず]しく(= rare)ありません。しかし、このように特定[とくてい]の(= specific)ツアーの新聞広告をこれまで見たことがありません。なぜこんな広告が?-もちろん、それはラグビーワールドカップだからです! この広告の大分[おおいた](=Oita, the name of a city in Japan)では、RWCの試合[しあい](= game)が行[おこな]われます(= to be held)。みなさん、もし大分にいらっしゃるのなら、大分、見て回るといいですよ、見どころ(= worth seeing)いっぱいです!

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