Hope you are okay re: COVID-19

It is under the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand. New Zealand uses its own the COVID-19 alert system, which has four levels. The current situation is Level 4 and this is the lockdown situation.

We will be moving to Level 3 next Tuesday. The situation won’t change drastically but more people will be allowed to work. One difference, which will also affect me, is that we will be able to have takeaway food and drink at Level 3.

Are you in New Zealand or somewhere else? Then, how are you doing in your country? I hope everybody will stay home and take care of yourself.

今、ニュージーランドは新型[しんがた](= novel)コロナのためロックダウン中です。ニュージーランドは、新型コロナについて特別[とくべつ]な(= special)アラートシステムを作りました。4つの段階[だんかい](= phrase; level)があります。今は、レベル4で、これはロックダウンの状況[じょうきょう](= situation)です。



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