Take a walk…

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます🎍

I am pretty sure many of you ate quite a lot over the end-of-year/new year holiday (I did, anyway…)

I happened to find the following short video; this is a nice park located in Hamilton, New Zealand. If you want (or need!) to take a walk, this would be a nice place to do so… The following footage shows the beauty in summer… ☀

年末年始[ねんまつねんし]のお休み(= the end and beginning of year holiday)中、多くの人は食べすぎましたよね。。。(私ははい、確[たし]かに(= certainly)食べすぎました。。。( ゚Д゚)) 以下[いか](= the following)はさきほど(= just now)見つけた短[みじか]いビデオです。ハミルトンにあって、歩くのにとてもいい場所[ばしょ](= place)です。興味[きょうみ]がある(= to be interested)人は見てみてください。夏[なつ](= summer)の緑[みどり](= green; nature)がきれいだな。。。☀


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