Have you seen a film entitled “Inception”?

この映画[えいが]には、日本人[にほんじん]俳優[はいゆう] (= actor)、渡辺[わたなべ][けん]が出[]ています。渡辺[わたなべ][けん]は日本人[にほんじん]の会社[かいしゃ]の社長[しゃちょう]の役[やく] (= role)です。日本[にほん][ふう]の家[いえ]や、日本語[にほんご]のセリフ(= lines)が少[すこ]しだけ出[]てきます。この映画[えいが]のサイトはここです。興味[きょうみ]がある人[ひと]はどうぞアクセスしてみてください。映画[えいが]は随分[ずいぶん][まえ]から上映[じょうえい]されていますから、多分[たぶん]、もう少[すこ]ししたら上映[じょうえい]が終[]わるでしょう。見[]たい人[ひと]は早[はや]く映画館[えいがかん]へ行[]きましょう!

One of the main roles is played by a Japanese actor, Ken Watanabe. The role Watanabe played is a company director who employed DiCaprio. Because of Watanabe’s role, I suppose, Japanese style houses appear and some Japanese conversations are inserted in the film. The official site of this film can be found here. Please access to it if you are interested. If you are REALLY interested, you should go to the cinema to watch the film—probably soon. This film has been on for a while, I guess it will disappear from the cinema soon. So if you want to see it, be quick!

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