NZも猫ニュース Cat news in NZ



Japanese people love cats. All sorts of (cuteor weird!) cat's news and reports can be seen in Japanese media all the time.

Now, we have got a good one from New Zealand…

ダニーデンのねこが、パドルボードを楽しむ、というニュースです。ここでその記事[きじ]が読めます。動画[どうが](= motion picture)が見たい人はここで。

かわいいニュースが好きなのは世界[せかい]共通[きょうつう](= common)ですね!

The news is about a cat in Dunedin, named Ellie, who enjoys riding on a paddleboard! You can read an newspaper article about Ellie here. If you want to watch how Ellie enjoys it, please access here.

There is no border when it comes to such cute news!

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