NNPs would be okay as the Fukushima caused no casualities!?

自民党[じみんとう](=the Liberal Democratic Party)の高市[たかいち]政調会長[せいちょうかいちょう] (= the chairman of the policy bureau)が数日前[すうじつまえ] (= a few days ago)、福島[ふくしま]原発[げんぱつ] (= the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants)の事故[じこ] (= incidents)でも死者[ししゃ] (= casualties)はいないから日本[にほん]は原発[げんぱつ]再稼動[さいかどう](= re-start)するべきだと言[]いました。

Ms Takaichi, the chairman of the policy bureau of the Liberal Democratic Party emphasised the importance of re-start of NPPs(= Nuclear Power Plants) in Japan a few days ago. Ms Takaichi argued this based on the fact (this is her version of the fact) that the Fukushima incidents did not cause any casualties. Guess what happened after her delivery of such comments?

この発言[はつげん] (= statement)の後[あと]、あちこちから、反発[はんぱつ] (= complaint)が出[]ました。その結果[けっか] (= as the result)、昨日[きのう]、高市[たかいち]政調会長[せいちょうかいちょう]は謝罪[しゃざい]した(= apologised)そうです。謝罪[しゃざい]の際[さい]に「福島県[ふくしまけん]のみなさまが大変[たいへん]つらい(= distressed)[おも]いをされ、怒[いか](= anger)を覚[おぼ]えられたなら」と言[]ったそうです。

このニュースを聞[]いて、私[わたし]は驚愕[きょうがく]しました(= to be astonished)。まず、「福島[ふくしま]原発[げんぱつ] 事故[じこ]で死者[ししゃ]は出[]ていないから、原発[げんぱつ]を続[つづ]ける(= to continue)べきだ」という発言[はつげん]はとてもひどく、人々[ひとびと]の心[こころ]を傷[きず]つける(= to offend)のは明[あき]らかだ(= obvious)と思[おも]います。実際[じっさい](= actually)、事故[じこ]で今[いま]も多[おお]くの人々[ひとびと]が苦[くる]しんでいます。そして、亡[]くなった(= dead)[ひと]はいます‐1,400[にん]を超[]える人々[ひとびと]が、事故[じこ]のための避難[ひなん] (= evacuation)、疲労[ひろう] (= distress)、または自死[じし] (= suicide)などで亡[]くなっています。



Surprise, surprise; all sorts of people have made a complaint! Yesterday, Ms Takaichi apologised saying “if my wording caused any distress to Fukushima people…”

I was just astonished at her saying – first of all, isn’t it obvious that such a comment (“there is no casualties by the Fukushima incidents; therefore, we should keep NPPs going”) would be offensive? And secondly, didn’t she know that many people have been still suffering by the incidents and actually there were casualties: over 1,400 people died because of all sorts of distress caused by the incidents (including suicide cases).

I read this news on Mainichi jp. and Yomiuri Online.

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